Eric and Sandra Read - Church Mission Society (CMS) Missionaries

For the last 9 years our parish has supported Eric and Sandra's missionary work in the Phillipines.

Covid-19 is, of course, not just a local problem with attendant challenges, it has and is having a global impact. The island where Eric and Sandra live in the Philippines has been shut down by air and sea, with minimal travel allowed. They've been able to bless hospital workers with boxes of produce from their farm, and their expertise in sustainable agriculture, disaster preparedness, nutrition and natural medicine is proving significant for rural communities at this time.

CMS who oversee the care of Eric and Sandra have recently written to us, saying "may we bring a particular need to your attention? Coming into our 2020/21 financial year, Eric and Sandra have a funding shortfall for their personal support of around £18,000. I’m aware that this is a difficult time to highlight this, but we are wondering if St James Christleton would be prepared to make an additional gift this year, to contribute towards the shortfall?"

The church's finances have been severely impacted by Covid-19, yet we will strive to give away all that we have in the pursuit of God's mission. If there are people in our parish communities who would like to directly support Eric and Sandra with a financial gift for this coming year this would also be much appreciated (please note the donate button below pays into the Eric and Sandra Read fund of St James Church, and will be passed to CMS as recorded in our annual accounts; any  questions please speak to our treasurer). You can do this through the funding page we have set up below. Please also do take the time to watch the video Eric and Sandra have prepared for us. Thank you in advance.





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