The Bell Ringers

Bell ringing poster to inform visiting bell ringers that they are always welcome & to watch this space for new bell ringing opportunities


When are the bells rung?

The bells of St James are rung for Sunday morning services, weddings and other special occasions, when requested. Tuesday evening is practice night. 

How much do the bells weigh & how are they tuned?

St. James Christleton have a ring of eight bells that are easy to handle, due to a short draft. The ringing chamber is accessed via approximately 40 steps and the Tenor weighs 12cwt - 1qr - 26lb (1398lb or 634kg) and is tuned to F#

How often are the bells refurbished?

The bells were completely refurbished in 2020, but before that the last time was shortly after the first world war in in 1919. They were recently refurbished at a cost of £25,000 which was largely funded by donation. If you would like further information about the company commissioned to refurbish St James' bells please follow this link Taylor Bells of Loughborough.

Ringing times

Sunday Services

Morning ringing: 10.00am to 10.30am

Practice night:

Tuesday: 7pm to 8.30pm

Do you want to try bell ringing?

We welcome all levels of ringers. We particularly welcome any lapsed ringers, who would be interested in returning to ringing.

For further information, please contact the Tower Captain, Nikki  through the following contact form.

In addition to the form below,  further bell ringer details are available from the Tower Captain Nikki Dromgoole on 07947 37 27 21.

Can I do a tower climb?

This may be possible but please direct your enquiries about this to the Tower Captain Nikki Dromgoole, or use the form below.

Thank you


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